Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

The terms and conditions define the procedures, limits and explains the agreements and responsibilities between Inkeex and its customers and/or users.

2. Prices

The prices advertised on the Inkeex website are the prices that the user wishes to obtain for his product or service. Prices must include credit card commission, commission fee and sales commission, prices do not include taxes, shipping fees or costs.


3. Keywords

The following terms are used on the Inkeex website:


a. Sale: Operation performed on the website where the user receives an amount of money in exchange for a product.

b. Purchase: Operation performed on the website in which the user delivers an amount of money in exchange for a product.

c. Swap: Operation carried out between two users where products are exchanged, with or without an additional part of money and / or points.

d. Product: Goods or services that are exchanged in the Inkeex web site.

e. Points: Unit of non-monetary value that is the basis for swaps in Inkeex. Points are purchased directly on the Inkeex website through the purchase with credit card and / or Paypal transfer. The points are personal, non-transferable and serve only for swaps within the Inkeex platform. Points can not be redeemed for money and they have no expiration date.

f. Sales Commission: The user who wishes, can offer a sales commission on his or hers product. The percentage of the commission is defined by the user selling the product, it must be a specific percentage on the price of the product. Users wishing to earn the sales commission must share the original publication of the product with their contacts, only commissions on actual sales made by referrals are paid.

g. Wish List: Users place in the wish list the products they want or are looking for. Other users can make offers of their articles if they fit what is required, or if they think the user who posted it may be interested. The rest of the process is handled as if it were a sale, purchase and / or swap of product. In this case there is no commission per sale.

h. Advertising: In Inkeex advertising is open to the public and companies in general. There are several areas where you can advertise on the website and is managed on a daily basis. Publications that go against traditional values are banned and can be eliminated at any time. Each user is responsible for the design and images to be published.

g. Administration Fee: All products for sale are subject to payment of a commission for site administration, which will not exceed 2% of the sales value of the product and it will be discounted at the time of payment to the seller. The purchase of points also has a 2% administration fee, which will be applied to the monetary value of the points purchased.


4. Privacy and Customer Protection

Inkeex is seriously committed to safeguarding and protecting the privacy of its customers. All electronic information collected and shared on the site is considered confidential and will not be sold, shared or rented to a third party.


5. Commitment to quality

Inkeex is committed to providing a quality service that exceeds the expectations of its customers and users. Inkeex is responsible for maintaining and ensuring the proper functioning of the web platform and enhancing the security and integrity of the information and transactions carried out through the site. Inkeex is only an intermediary between the users and is not responsible for the condition of the articles nor the quality of the articles. The quality of the products exchanged, sold and bought is the responsibility of the seller or person who offers the product.

Inkeex relies on the honesty and truthfulness of users placing their publications on the website. If someone does not agree with the quality of the product received, they should contact the seller from whom they received the product. If, in fact, the quality of the product is not the one indicated on the website, they must make the complaint with Inkeex. Inkeex will then proceed to review the truthfulness and honesty of the rest of publications of the user. If the information is found to be inaccurate, necesarry actions will be taken, including and up to the removal and prohibition of the user on the Inkeex platform.


6. Payment Methods

At Inkeex you can pay directly with credit card through Paypal, or you can use a point system for swaps.

Sale: If someone wants to sell a product through Inkeex, they must establish the amount of monetary units desired and publish with that amount. Remember that the price must include the credit card commission, administrative fee and that it does not include taxes, shipping costs or tariffs. Payment of the sale is made until the buyer confirms conformity and receipt of the product. If there is a complaint or nonconformity, the payment is withheld and will be submitted to resolution of conflicts to determine whether or not the payment proceeds.

Purchase: To purchase products through Inkeex, it is necessary to cancel the amount requested by the seller through payment with credit cards through Paypal. The total amount paid, minus shipping costs, credit card fee and administration fee, is retained until confirmation of receipt of the product purchased. Upon receipt of the product, the buyer must confirm receipt of the item on the Inkeex page. If the user does not confirm receipt after 72 hours from the delivery date given by the contracted transport company, it is assumed that the product arrived correctly and that it complies with the specifications set forth on the Inkeex website. At that time the payment of the purchase is made to the seller. If there is any complaint or nonconformity with the product, it must be done at the moment of receipt of the product and / or before expiration of the 72 hours window, otherwise the claim will not be valid.

Swap: The Swap is made between two products, but if one of the parties wants additional monetary compensation, it will be done with points.

Points: Points are acquired through credit cards and / or bank transfers. The credit card fee and the administration fee will be added to the monetary value of the points at the time of purchase.

Referral Fee: The sales commission becomes effective only if the sale is successful. At the moment of making the payment to the seller, the payment of the sales commission is made.

Advertising: The purchase of advertising will be for the space required and in a daily period. The cost per position within the page varies.


7. Price Changes

The published prices are subject to changes based on users' criteria, if after 30 days from their original publication the product has not been sold, bought or swapped.

The published prices must be kept for a minimum of 30 days.

The prices of the points are subject to changes based on the considerations of the Inkeex Senior Management. If there is a change, it must be notified 15 days in advance on the website and the customers contacted through an email to the address and contact information registered on the site.


8. Warranties and Return Policies

Inkeex guarantees the protection of the information on its website. The guarantees of the products are the responsibility of the users who sold or swapped them.


9. Conflict Resolution

If there is a conflict between a user or client and Inkeex, it will be resolved through mediation.

A claim by the buyer can be made for not getting the product or for it arriving in unappropriate conditions and not complying with specifications provided by the seller in Inkeex. In order to process a claim, both parties must upload the files that support the claim and the status of the product to the Inkeex website. The Administrator will resolve, based on evidence provided, who will be favored. If it is the Buyer, the amount paid for the item will be refunded minus the credit card commission and the shipping costs, because it is transferred directly to the seller at the time of confirming the purchase, so that the corresponding shipment can be made. If it is the Seller, the amount paid will be refunded minus the credit card commission, minus the administration fee, minus the commission by referral if it existed.

In the case of claims for swaps, the only case in which the Administrator can resolve a product delivery conflict is, when there are points in the transaction, otherwise there are no values withheld to intervene. A claim from a swap can be made because the product does not reach you or it does not reach you in the proper conditions specified in Inkeex. In order to process a claim, both parties must upload the files that support the claim and the status of the product to the Inkeex website. The Administrator will decide who favors and to whom the points correspond.


10. Income Statement

Each user must declare their profits or losses on the articles published in Inkeex, to the authorities of the country where they sell or charge their sales, as well as for the commissions received. Inkeex will only report to the authority the commissions that are generated as administrator of the site.