Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do in Inkeex?

In Inkeex you can exchange items or services for something you need or value. You can sell new or used products as well as services. You can buy any desired item, and if it is not found, you can post it on the wish list and other people can offer what you wanted or something additional that might be of interest.

Is it safe to buy at Inkeex?

It is totally safe to buy at Inkeex. Payments are made through PayPal, a company with renowned and proven security. To ensure security at the time of purchase, Inkeex retains the payment made until confirmation of receipt of the product or service purchased. If the product (or service) is not received or if it is not received under the conditions and specifications detailed in Inkeex, a complaint must be filed, with which the money paid can be recovered, minus credit card expenses and shipping costs. In order to ensure security in swaps, there are no securities held by Inkeex and we can only appeal to the goodwill of the parties involved, Inkeex intervenes only in transactions that have points as part of the transaction.

How do I make a swap in Inkeex?

A swap in a transaction between two people, and is made with products or services. In the case of swaps, Inkeex is only an intermediary for both parties to agree on the terms of the transaction. If in the swap, either party needs to equate the transaction, because it does not reach the necessary value, points can be used to level the transaction. It is also possible to swap a product for points.

What are and how do I acquire Inkeex points?

Points are units of non-monetary value, which are the basis for swaps in Inkeex. Points are acquired directly on the Inkeex website through purchase with credit card and / or with PayPal transfer. The points are personal, non-transferable and serve only for swaps within the Inkeex platform. Points can not be redeemed for money and have no expiration date.

How do I file a complaint?

A complaint can be placed for any transaction made in Inkeex: purchase, swap or purchase by wishlist. Complaints can be placed if the product or service is not received or if it does not meet the quality and specifications published in Inkeex. A complaint must be placed on the product to be received panel, any files that support the complaint must be uploaded. In the case of the seller or the person who receives the swap complaint, they may also upload the files that support that the complaint is invalid. The administrator will resolve according to the support files. In swaps, the administrator can only intervene if there are disputed points, otherwise, it is an agreement exclusively between both parties, without control or intervention of Inkeex. It is important to remember that complaints are valid only if they are placed before the 72 hours after receipt of the product or service. If the receipt or the conformity with the product or service is not confirmed, after 72 hours of being delivered, it is assumed that there are no complaints. The complaint will not be valid and the product is considered as accepted. In case the complaint is not valid, Inkeex will no longer have the option to mediate between buyer and seller, or in swaps with points involved between the users involved in the swap.

When selling at Inkeex, when do I receive my payment?

The payment to the seller is credited after the product is delivered and the buyer confirms its receipt. In case the buyer does not confirm the delivery, the system will wait 72 hours for a buyer action. Past these 72 hours after delivery, the system will autoconfirm delivery and free the money to the seller.

How do I advertise on Inkeex?

To place advertising in Inkeex you must choose the desired space, then determine if it is a domestic advertisement (the country registered in the user information) or an international advertisement (it will be shown in all countries that Inkeex has users). Then choose the number of days you want to have the advertising, based on these parameters, the amount will be determined and charged. With payment, the ad will be displayed with the chosen image and URL.