About Us

Inkeex is a company born from an idea back in 2013, seeking to promote online exchange, no matter where you lived. The development began that same year with some stumbles and inconveniences. But these stumbles made the idea thrive to a more complete concept, including person-to-person buying-and-selling.

In 2014 the company is registered in Miami, Florida, with the identification number 35-2509473, and we continued with the development to meet the identified needs. After 4 years of development, testing, ideas, dedication and above all perseverance, we are ready to take our website to the whole world.

Inkeex is a page where you can exchange and sell anything you like, it can be what you do not use, new merchandise, services, houses, cars, phones, tablets, etc. We know that around the world there are many similar sites. What characterizes and distinguishes us is, first of all, the security to buy, since the payment is retained until the product has been delivered to satisfaction. Second, you can offer commission to other users for promoting your products, this will make them sell faster. In addition, you can share the products on different social networks and through email. Third, the commission charged is low.

Inkeex is not just a buying and selling tool. We know that the economy in many countries has difficulties, therefore, we offer a platform of Exchange or swapping, where you can offer your articles requesting what you want and exchange them. In this way, both people involved can benefit without money. This exchange service does not have a cost with Inkeex, the negotiation is done directly between both parties. The role of Inkeex is to facilitate and promote the exchange.

Inkeex has another factor that makes it stand out. Unlike all the places where you find a product and place it on your wish list, which is private, Inkeex allows you to make your wish list public. What benefit do you get, in this way, other people will offer you what you are looking for or very similar items. This option was included, since many times, no matter what you are looking for, you do not find what you need. With Inkeex, it will be easier that what you need, will find you.

Inkeex has one last and great advantage, it can be used worldwide. You can be in any country and sell around the world, you can trade in your country or with another country, and the page will only show you what is available for your country. Inkeex is a global company.

Inkeex is a company that seeks the benefit of all, allowing you to get what you need, through the most convenient means for both parties. Thank you for trusting and being part of INKEEX.